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Processed Honey (Multiflora) 1 Kg

Honey is processed to remove odour and other harmful substances

₹ 310.00

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Assorted Traditional sweets

Our snacks like groundnut chikki and fried gram chikki, coconut kamarkat and sesame balls (ellu urndai) in Tamil is made traditionally with organic products.

₹ 100.00

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Natural ( Nattu) Sugar

The palm jaggery benefits for health are: Rich Source Of Minerals. Restores Healthy Digestion. Rich In Nutrients. Energy Booster. Active Cleanser. Relieves Constipation. Relieves Many Common Ailments. Heals Migraines.

₹ 60.00

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Joint Pain Relief Oil (100 Ml)

Directions to use: Take small quantity and heat it slightly . Apply it on the pain area. Massage gently.

₹ 170.00

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MAXI 240mm (7 Pads)

₹ 45.00

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MAXI 320mm (7 Pads)

₹ 70.00

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